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How video can improve your ranking in the search engines

Video marketing is often overlooked when putting together a search engine optimisation strategy.  At CustomSEO we consider video content as important for SEO as it is for user information and interaction.

If you already have a video or videos on your site, here are some tips on making sure they are optimised for the search engines, YouTube and social media sites.

  1. An engaging video will rank higher. YouTube awards more relevancy credits to videos that are watched for longer as they consider them to be of higher quality. Make sure your videos are informative and engaging and they will rank higher in the search resultsSEO and videos
  2. Not only do major search engines index the description your write for your video, they can also index the speech within it. In case the search engines can’t clearly pick up all the speech, we recommend that you include the text in the video within the description.
  3.  Take time to post your video to the most appropriate channel when uploading to YouTube. Videos perform better when placed on channels with similar content.
  4. Use between five and seven tags with each video you upload. This is important for YouTube SEO. By doing so your video will be ranked every time videos using similar tags are played.
  5. As with webpages, select a title that includes your target keyword or phrase. Descriptions should be a minimum of two sentences and no more than 60 characters. Add a link to your site within the description.
  6. If you haven’t yet made your video, consider creating it in HD quality. HD videos will rank higher than standard definition videos.
  7. When naming your video file, include your keywords. Although viewers can’t see your filename, YouTube can and they will give you relevancy credits based on it.

Using these tips will help to improve your search engine rankings. You don’t have to do them all right away. Do what you can now and keep in mind what you need to do next time you make a video. Remember, there are approximately 60 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every hour so your videos have to be good to stand out.

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