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What are metatags

HTML meta tags in technical terms are page data tags that sit between the open and closing head tags within the HTML code of a webpage.

Here is an example of what HTML meta tags look like:what are metatags

<title>This is not a meta tag, but still necessary</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”A description of what your site is about”/>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”your main keywords” />

Meta tags aren’t a panacea for search engine optimisation (SEO) success, but they will help make sure that your website appears on search engine results pages and also determines how they display. How important meta tags are in your overall SEO strategy isn’t clear, but what is clear is that if meta tags are implemented incorrectly, the negative effect can be considerable.

Title Tags

Despite appearing in the header of the page alongside “description” and “keywords”, the title tag is not a meta tag. The difference, according to W3C, is that the title tag is a required element, whereas the meta tags are optional.

Most search engines display a maximum of 60 characters for the title.

Title tags are also important in helping people decide whether to click on your link when it appears in the search results. The title tag should be written for humans to read, but formatted for search engines.

Description Meta Tags

As a rule of thumb, your description should be no longer than 155 characters (as used by Google) and that includes spaces. Your description can be longer, but then not all of it will be displayed on the search pages. Best practice is to keep it within the 155 limit.

Your “description” meta tag is important as it tells search engines what your webpage or website is about. Therefore it is important to write a good description. When Google’s algorithm decides a description is inaccurate or badly written, it will replace your description what it thinks is better from the content on the page. Often this can be confusing to visitors and result in fewer clicks. Better to have your site described well by you than by a computer.

If you don’t have a “description”, again Google will create one for you. Whilst this may not be that important for pages within your site, we recommend you always have a correctly formatted and well written “description” for your home page.

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