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PPC Campaign Management

Advertising using Google and Bing’s PPC platforms is a popular alternative to organic SEO. By effectively using these platforms, businesses can bid for space on the results pages for any terms  searched for.

Also referred to as paid search, PPC can get you quick results with campaigns going live within minutes of activation. PPC campaign managementManaged properly, PPC advertising can bring you targeted prospects looking for the service or goods you supply.

With the bid cost to top the results for your selected keywords set by the search engines, the goal of a PPC campaign is to generate the maximum number of responsive leads from the marketing budget you set. This is achieved by constant monitoring of the results using both the PPC platforms and Google Analytics. By testing both the keywords and the text within the ads, and by tweaking the landing page for each advert an experienced PPC account manager can maximise your ROI and increase your turnover.

Managing your PPC campaigns

If you don’t possess the knowledge in-house to set-up and manage a PPC campaign, let the experts do it. Our experienced team of PPC account managers will create and run your campaigns for you within the budgets you set. They will agree with you a clear and defined strategy based on your knowledge of your business and prospective customers.

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