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Social Media Optimisation

Abbreviated as SMO, social media optimisation is the term applied to the process of increasing the awareness of your website through using any of the many social media communities to generate viral publicity and traffic for your site.

This is achieved by using RSS feeds, videos, blogging and bookmarking sites as well as social media sites.Social Media Optimisation

As well as raising awareness of your brand and products, SEO is also becoming inceasingly important in respect of SEO.

Search engines monitor the social media communities such as Twitter and Facebook to see what is popular, what is being talked about and uses that information in the algorithm that returns the search results.

Having a good and regularly updated socila media presence will certainly improve your overall rankings in search engines

At CustomSEO we can help you create and maintain the type of social media presence that will gain you brand awareness, traffic and an improved SERPs.

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