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Tips on reducing your sites bounce rate

A site’s bounce rate is the number of visitors that leaves the site on the page they landed on without visiting any other pages. It is shown as a percentage of total visitors and can be seen on your Google Analytics dashboard. This measurement can help you judge the relevancy of the landing page in relation to the search term. If you find that for a particular keyword your bounce rate is high, either the content needs some work or the keyword isn’t suitable for your site. Bounce rate is also an important factor on on-site SEO. Search engines factor in a websites bounce rate into the calculation that determines their ranking. For both these reasons it is important for all websites to try and reduce the bounce rate.

 Tips for reducing bounce rate

1- Do your pages provide the answers to the searches?tips for reducing bouce rate

Let’s say your web page is ranking for the term “office cleaners in Stafford” then you must have content on the landing page that offers office cleaning services in the Stafford area. The more accurately the content describes the keywords it is ranking for, the lower the bounce rate will be.

 2- User friendly navigation

The most annoying part of any website is not easily being able to navigate around it. Having user friendly navigation makes it more likely that your users will visit more pages.

 3- Internal links

Linking to the internal pages within your site is one of the best strategies presenting your visitors with links inside the content to pages relevant to their search. This is an effective means of decreasing the bounce rate. A good example of a site using internal links to good effect is Wikipedia.

4- Graphical content

How your content is presented is  important in satisfying your visitors. Everyone is different. Some users  like videos, some like images, others like graphs and charts. Having a varied selection of content will help satisfy a greater proportion of your visitors and will help reduce the bounce rate.

5- Site speed

Sites that take a long time to load will invariably have a higher bounce rate than those which open quickly. You need to make sure that your website loads as fast as possible to keep your bounce rate down.

6- Highlighting main keywords

Use bold to highlight the main keywords in your copy to helps the user to judge the quality of your content. The clearer it is for the user to see that you site provides the answers to their search query, the more likely they are to visit more of your pages to discover even more content for themselves.

7- Don’t have too many ads

Having too many ads on a page is a sure way of turning a visitor away. If you must have adverts, place them in a way that doesn’t detract from the user friendliness of the content.

8- Avoid using Pop-ups

Pop-ups get in the way of users trying to view the main content of a site directly. Pop-ups are considered spam by many users and will turn them away.

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